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Frets About Frets June 2011

As usual, I get subject suggestions from my customers in my shop… and this month is no different. On a recent Monday, One of my regular customers came in and mentioned that I have quite and “eclectic” mix of pre-loved … Continue reading

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Frets About Frets August 2011

I have had several customers come into my shop this month asking advice about purchasing Acoustic/Electric guitars. Some have been beginners who have played for less than 6 months. Some are just looking for a “gigging” axe. Some are under … Continue reading

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Frets About Frets April 2011

I’ve written, in my column, about many forms of damage to stringed instrument… well, I have great news… Most damage can be repaired! Broken headstocks… can be repaired! Split wooden tops… can be repaired! Misshapen necks… can be repaired! Divoted … Continue reading

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