Frets About Frets June 2011

As usual, I get subject suggestions from my customers in my shop… and this month is no different.

On a recent Monday, One of my regular customers came in and mentioned that I have quite and “eclectic” mix of pre-loved instruments on the wall.

“That’s just how things go here. I get what ever my customers are willing to sell. Some are upgrading… some are just “thinning the herd””, I answered. “Want a cup of coffee?”

The man took the beverage and he began to play EVERY instrument in the shop. He played the Gibson 137, the Rickenbacker 230, the Fender Cordoba 12 string, the Godin Radiator, the Fender Jerry Donahue Tele, the Dan Electro Dead-on ’67, the Schecter Hellraiser, the PRS Tremonti, the G&L Legacy Strat, the Gibson Studio Les Paul, the1935 Dobro Model 46, the DBZ Bolero, the hand-made Northwood acoustic, the Morgan, the Taylor 110, even the Martin Alternative X Aluminum guitar…

Then he turned to me and said “Thank you… I don’t know of any other place where I could see and play such a variety of instruments”. He finished his cup of coffee and bid his farewells.

This is a regular occurrence at Little Rock Frets. People come in have a cup O’ Joe and enjoy playing whatever I have hangin’ on the wall. I like that.

A couple of days later I noticed that more and more people started coming into my little shop and playing the consignment instruments… then, on Saturday, the Customer came back in. He went straight to the coffee and helped himself. He proceeded to peruse the showroom again. “I sold a few instruments… and, as you can see, I’ve gotten a few more in”, I called out. “I see…” He responded. He began playing the new arrivals.

“ I told some friends about your shop” the customer said.

I was please “Great!” I said. “I think some of them might have come in to see you”… I think you are right” the conversation continued.

While my main business (and love) is to provide stringed instrument repair, I also enjoy having a place where musicians can come in, sit down and enjoy instruments… I believe that’s why it’s call PLAYING music… for the sheer pleasure of it.

If you need an instrument repaired… or you just want to come in and play what’s on the wall, you are always welcome at my little shop.

To suggest topic for this article, email me at or Call: 501-223-FRET (3738)

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