Phone: (501)223-3738 (FRET)

Open 10am-6pm  Monday-Saturday

Guitar Care

Dunlop Guitar Polish/Cleaner – $6

Dunlop Fretboard Cleaner – $6

Cool New Toys

Smokey Amplifiers – Starting at $30 – A micro sized amp with enough power to push a full sized 412 cab. A small, built in speaker provides cleans to distorted tones (adjusted by the volume on the guitar) with tone unmatched in the micro amp world. There are no control knobs on this amp just an input and an external speaker out, a simple plug-and-play that can be plugged into almost any cabinet!

Specialty Picks

Alaska Piks – $1.50 each

Fred Kelly Picks – $1.50 each

Jim Dunlop Nickel-Silver Finger Picks – $1.00 each

Instrument Cables

Coming Soon – A Professional grade Audio Cable with a LIFETIME guarantee.


Snark Clip-on Chromatic Tuner – $20


D’Addario – Electric and Acoustic

DR Hand-wound – Electric and Acoustic

Cleartone Treated – Electric and Acoustic


Fishman Acoustic pick-ups

Seymour Duncan pick-ups

Bare Knuckle Hand-Wound pick-ups

Fender Pick-ups

McIntyre Pick-ups

Cases (Hard & Soft)

Access Brand – (Used by Taylor and Breedlove)

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