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We provide fretted musical instrument repair, sales and service.

Open 10am-6pm  Monday-Saturday

Meet our staff-

Bryon Knight – Owner of Little Rock Frets

Bryon began his musical career at age 11. He wanted to know more about how instruments were built and soon he began “hanging around” a shop where a master fiddle maker was producing hand-made violins, violas, cellos and a few guitars. Young Bryon would sweep sawdust just to be near the old luthier and glean technical tidbits of that would prove to be invaluable later in his life.

Bryon began playing in bands and eventually started touring regionally. His skills at maintaining fretted instruments usually landed him double-duty as the “guitar tech” in each group with which he performed.

When he came in from “the road”, Bryon worked in telecommunications installing commercial telephone systems. This fired his interest in electronics and relocating to Ft. Smith, Arkansas, he attained a degree in electronics.

Shortly thereafter, Bryon joined a seasoned audio engineer to form a company that provided concert audio services for many acts in Northwest Arkansas. soon after the sale of this company, Bryon began a 25 year career in television production including several years producing programs for ESPN, Fox Sport, The Discovery Channel and The Outdoor Channel.

Through his life, Bryon has always played music and worked on instruments for the pure love of the art. After a quarter century in the television industry, he followed his heart and began working with the largest privately owned music store chain in Arkansas and after a couple of years, he decided to join the largest music retailer in the world.

The untimely demise of one of the finest guitar technicians in central Arkansas, Bryon was encouraged by many of his musical friends to open a shop of his own. Little Rock Frets was born and with over 30 years of technical experience and fretted instrument repair, Bryon is uniquely equipped to handle any fretted instrument alignment or electronic issue.

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